Size Guide

Dunion Shoes are following US standard shoe specification,Width:B(Standard). 

Please kindly double check our size suggestion due to shoe type make different fit before order placing.

The below is the charting our shoe size fit,please review with your foot measurement,if your measurements are between two sizes,or you find one foot's measurement larger than the other,always move up to the larger size.

 Size Chart

SIZE(inch) 6B 6.5B 7B 7.5B 8B 8.5B 9B 9.5B 10B 11B
Foot length 9.2913 9.4578 9.6243 9.7908 9.9573 10.1238 10.2903 10.4568 10.6233 10.7898
Foot girth 8.3464 8.4714 8.5964 8.7214 8.8464 8.9714 9.0964 9.2214 9.3464 9.4714
Foot width 3.0709 3.1142 3.1575 3.2008 3.2441 3.2874 3.3307 3.3740 3.4173 3.4606

How to determine the correct size to order:

Have you ever noticed how you're a size 7 in one brand and a size 8 in another?That's because many footwear manufactures have their own size charts.If a brand makes their size chart available,you should always compare your measurements to it,especially if you're ordering online.

How to measure your foot and know its size & width:

You can accurately determine your food size and width using a Brannock device at a shoe store,such as DSW/Famous Footwear/Nordstrom/Macy's etc.

Place the right heel into the right heel cup.standing with equal weight on both feet to ensure that the foot being measured has elongated and spread to its maximum size,be sure the heel is properly located against the back of the heel cup.then look straight down over the longest toe(not necessarily the first toe)to read toe length.
Slide the width bar firmly to the edge of the foot.Locate the shoe on the movable width bar and view the width measurement indicately by the properly determined shoe size.If the shoe size falls between widths,choose a wider width for a thick foot,a narrower width for a thin foot.
Reverse the device end-for-end and measure the other foot following the steps described above.Be sure to measure both feet,then fit the larger foot.It is common to have feet of different sizes.

Or turn to knowledgeable sales people's help to get your size & width.If your width narrower than A,or wider than C,we are sorry to say all shoes on our webpage do no fit you,you can contact us for typical specification order.