Shipped Orders

»Free shipping to the US
»Guaranteed safe + secure checkout
»100% money back guarantee

» Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance offers premium protection and safety for your valuable items during international shipping. We’ll reship your parcel at no extra charge if it’s confirmed lost or damage.

» What Is Split Shipped?

If an item is not in stock when the order is placed processing will not begin until it has arrived. If you order multiple items the order will be split shipped and items in stock will be sent first; then when the others are in stock they will be sent separately.

» How Do I Change My Delivery Address?

Please contact us as soon as you realize you need to change the delivery address before your product is shipped. Or we cannot change the address.

» Could I Use Express Shipping If it is an Urgent Order?

Yes, of course. But the additional cost should be considered in advance. Due to the charges set by the customhouse of different destination counties, we recommend you to learn the exact charges of your local country. Or you will be surprised with the price.